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by Paul MacFarland

On Halloween in our small town

There was a special street.

The children would all travel there

To do their trick-or-treat.

This street had many houses

And they were all in a row,

With ghosts and goblins in the trees -

Their eyes an eerie glow.

Now, at the corner of this street

There was a scary beast,

And little kids all thought that he

Was eight feet tall, at least.

And with that beast there was an elf

Who leaned upon a cane.

The mask he wore had dimpled cheeks;

His green elf hat was plain.

And by the elf there was a sign

That all the children read.

To venture down this street you have

To pay a toll it said.

An piece of candy was the toll;

Not much to pay at all.

Each child would pay the toll and then

On each house they would call.

A boy whose legs were bent and lame

Lived in this neighborhood,

And he could not go trick-or-treating,

Though he wished he could.

So when the other kids were done,

They thought that they would share

Their candy with their crippled friend.

They had a lot to spare.

When they arrived at his front door,

His mother let them in,

And when they went up to his room,

He met them with a grin.

And they could not believe their eyes,

For lying on his bed

Were two big bags of candy,

And an elf's hat on his head.

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