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The Pour Farm is dedicated to brewing fresh beer in Maine using local ingredients.  Bill Stinson has been making beer and experimenting with different styles since 1987, and the present brewery started producing small batches of ale in 2018.


WE ARE EXCITED TO WELCOME BREWER BRAD FROST AND MANAGER ANNA FROST TO THE THE POUR FARM!  Brad and Anna are experienced pros in the Maine craft beer scene: Brad was most recently the brewer at Waterman's Beach Brewery, and Anna is currently on the Board of Directors of the Maine Brewer's Guild.

The building houses a 3-barrel electric system and a friendly, rustic tap room.  Behind the brewery is a beer forest and Crawford Stream, which runs between Seven Tree Pond and Crawford Pond.  We often have a food truck, and we also have good bar snacks available at the bar.


Union is a great place for kayaking or canoeing along the lakes of the St. George River.  It also has wealth of local farms, excellent restaurants, a winery, a distillery, a couple of museums, and a great farmers market (Fridays in the summer).

We hope you will stop by for a beer and slow things down a little.

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