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by Gwyn McMakin

Poe Slam 3.png

When I was a child, I would often ask my mother why we celebrated Halloween

She could never answer me, and for years that always bugged me 

When I was older, I finally looked it up 

And I wished I could go back, and tell my younger self, 

So since I never knew what exactly Halloween was, I thought I’d share with all of you 


Halloween comes from the old Irish celebration Sam Hein, also known as old hallows eve 

This was the one night a year where the dead would rise and the demon Sam Hein would walk the earth

People would lock themselves in their homes and would wear masks to disguise themselves as Sam Heins demons 

A lot of people would smear sheep’s blood on their face 

Now, we dress up as witches and sexy vampires and the Hulk 

Crops and chopped up wood were carved into scary faces to keep demons away from their homes 

But, pumpkins with silly faces are basically the same thing, right? 

Finally, food would be placed outside of doors as an offering for the dead and a plea to let their family live 

This translates into houses giving out candy to little kids 


How did we get here? From demons to fun, 

Offerings to cavities, 

Sheep’s blood to princess costumes

Well, I don’t know that 

But I do know we better hope the Irish were wrong, 

Cause if they weren’t, 

Beware, Sam Hein,

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