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by Gwyn McMakin

Poe Slam 3.png

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, tired and sleepy, 

Sheets of paper by my side and old ideas on the floor,

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, 

Looking up as a sound came a tapping, tapping at my office door, 

“Tis just the dog,” I muttered, “rapping at my office door, 

          Only that and nothing more.” 


Under orders from the boss, to give it before 9 O’clock,   

Each dying minute wrought its ghost of worry upon the floor, 

I let my thoughts wonder, wonder to the Salvatores, 

From my heart surcease of sorrow,  sorrow for the lost Salvatore, 

I shook my head, my career was on the line and a deadline loomed before, 

          One Salvatore evermore 


Ah, tis been so long since I smiled as I struggled with the final, 

This had always thrilled me- filled me with success not to be ignored, 

So now that it’s completed, the typing stopped, the only sound is my beating heart, 

and a tapping at my chamber door, 

“Tis just the dog wanting entrance at my office door,

          Only that and nothing more” 


Eyes rolled as I heard the tap, tap once again at the office door, 

“Fine,” I muttered, lifting myself up. “I’m coming to the door,” 

I pitter, patter across the floor, making my way to the door,

And I faintly heard more rapping, rapping at my office door,

And then came a voice, one that sounded like the lost Salvatore,  

I opened up wide the door 

          One Salvatore evermore 

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