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The Craven

by Chris Gray

Poe Slam 3.png

How's it going, tell me Deary, are you feeling weak and weary

Listen close and hear me, as I beg this man to pour

T'was such a night, like this last year, for sure was wanting some dark beer

I saw her enter without rapping, no not even tap tap tapping

Saw the visitor and shuddered,  passing thru red painted door

Said she'd come for beer, and nothing more.


Quite certain was October, being nearly four weeks sober

Having vowed no pumpkin ale, again would pass into my core

Wishing then that from the morrow; perhaps an hour I could borrow

And ease the barkeep's sorrow – sorrow that he could not pour

That pumpkin spice concoction that I surely do abhor

Drink it - NAY, Nevermore


Yet at the sight of ghostly passing there was a fear amassing

As I watched her move unhindered - through the closed red door

Aye, my heart was rapid beating,my words here won't be repeating

As I watched the haunted vixen pass straight through that red paint door

The witch had walked right through that solid wooden door

Yes she did and that's fer shore


Gathering my wits about me, wondered what in fact I did see

“Hey,” said I, “dear Madam, t'was quite the entrance you just made”

Had I been inebriated, then I never would have stated

And perhaps we might have dated, but for passing through that door

That I'm certain sure I saw you -  walk through unopened door

Looking in her eyes saw darkness, nothing more

Deep into those dark orbs peering, long I stood there, actually fearing,

Certain sure no mortal stood before me and red door

Deathly silent, no words spoken, throat was tight as if I'm chokin

Until finally silence broken by the haunting one word - “Pour”

Then I quickly like an echo looked at barkeep and squeaked “Pour!”

Can't you see she's come for beer and nothing more.


Edgar Allen was a, surely everyone doth know et

For he could string together- stanzas by the score

You might wish that I were such, after tantalizing much

Would end this rhyme of terror with something satisfying more.

Yet it's your imagination to the depths must go explore

And I shall end it simply- Barkeep.... Teleporter - Pour!

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