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The Poe Farm

by Dusty Batley

A long, long time ago,
After finding the cask of Amontillado,
Mr. C. Auguste Dupin was hired
To solve a case, long expired:
The Thurston Brothers lost casket in Union.

His Orangutan was found
On a train: Rue Morgue Bound.
From there they came to find
The Town of Union, not so kind,
To this odd Parisienne reunion.

As wind surfed cross the Pond,
Pain killed their curious bond.
Please tell the Porter
‘To give no quarter,
To my long armed, orange companion’.

Alone now, Dupin sunk.
Into a deep haze of funk,
As he searched hi and low,
And the leaves did blow
Clueless to the heart beats location

Some Gents wandered by
Selling bundles of Rock Farm rye.
And they told our Dupin
Of Sterlingtown’s little sin,
And to a casket in the stream they did bring him.
On the rocks it lay bumping
From inside, a thumping.
They opened the box
And fell back in shock:
The lost heart of Hildegard von Bingham.

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