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Friends of Founders Park,

Union, Maine




Founders Park is a small patch of grass next to the historic mill pond in South Union, Maine. It honors the original settlers of Union, near the place where the early settlers built some of the first houses in town.

A parcel abutting the existing park is now up for sale.  In 2019, the town acquired this property and demolished a severely run-down house and outbuilding on the site.  The Selectmen have since decided to sell the property in order to recoup the costs of demolition.

The new property provides additional views of the mill pond, a little bit of woods, and the potential for safe, off-highway parking.  It's contiguous with the existing park.  The addition of this parcel would increase the natural, recreational, and historic value of the park to the community.

This page seeks to raise approx $20,000 by April 1, 2020 to purchase the adjacent lot and give it back to the town, with the goal of expanding Founders Park.

100% of donations will be used to make an offer on the lot.

If the offer is accepted, pledged donations will be collected, and the lot will be purchased and given back to the town for the purpose of expanding the park.  In addition, a citizens group will be formed to advise the town on design, development, and maintenance of the new, enlarged park.


Please contact Bill Stinson at The Pour Farm if you have questions about this initiative.


Thank you!

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